Monday, June 7, 2010



Monsters still exist.

Some of them walk among us freely, while others skulk in the shadows, traversing the fringes of humanity. Only a handful remain. Their kind is almost extinct.

But they continue to hold immense power through the centuries.

MONSTROSITIES, a graphic novel by Jim Beard and Eric Johns, sheds light on these Monsters and reveals their plight in the modern world. Their greatest admirer desires something powerful from each of them – and offers something unspeakable in return.

Dracula, the Monster of Frankenstein, the Last Werewolf – all three confronted by a decision that may alter their unholy existence forever.


We are currently seeking a publisher or backer for this project. If you are an interested party, please contact us at

We are also interested in talking with a professional inker.


Here is a seven page preview of an early sequence from MONSTROSITIES. Please leave us a comment on the preview.

MONSTROSITIES, its story, characters and art are © Jim Beard and Eric Johns. Permission must be given from copyright holders to use or re-post these images in any form.